Be Bold: How to Relaunch an Amazing Brand in 12 Months.


This post originally appeared on the Business Lockerroom blog.

Let’s be honest. If your clients and prospects were 100% transparent with you, how might they describe your brand?

Cutting edge? Dynamic?

Out of date? Average? Forgettable?

What if your clients and prospects were to say your brand was truly AMAZING? What kind of impact would that have on your company?

I know, rebranding sounds really difficult. Heck, it may even feel completely out of reach.

Fear not, dear reader. We can do this… Together.

Over the past thirteen years, we’ve helped hundreds of clients improve their brand, website, and overall marketing through our proprietary branding process called, Bold Brand.

Over the next 12 months, we’ll discuss the most essential Bold Brand strategies and tactics that you should follow to refresh and re-energize your brand, and your business.

We’ll explore each of the following topics in further depth, and challenge you with a few homework assignments. As you work alongside of us, you’ll start to see growth and improvement across each of these tactics:

January: The 12-Month Challenge

February: Positioning - Who are you, what do you do, and who is your audience

March: Brand Voice - Tone, headlines, and developing a point of view

April: Identity Part I - Logo design

May: Identity Part II - Visual identity, brand standards, and creating consistency

June: Digital Marketing Strategy

July: Websites, Blogs, and your Content Hub

August: Planning Content Marketing & Marketing Automation

September: Content Marketing - Who, what, and when

October: Email Marketing

November: Social Media Marketing

December: Year-end marketing review & goal setting for 2016


So here’s the challenge: follow along with this blog over the next 12 months and share your questions, challenges, and successes in the comments section.


  1. Let’s do this: Accept the 12-month Bold Brand challenge.
    If you are bold enough to accept the challenge, tweet to me that you’re in.

  2. Draft your team.
    You’ll want to get lots of input from your team from the beginning, and have fewer inputs as you go. This means you need to draft members for two teams. The first team should be involved in your initial discovery and information gathering. Your second team should be a smaller group of decision makers. Your job is to draft who you want on which team, ask them to commit, and explain each of their roles.

  3. Know your objectives.
    Before we get started, let’s get a clear sense of where you’re trying to go. How will you measure success? Do you simply want to improve your brand’s look & feel? Do you want to increase sales? Get more leads? Be seen as a leader in your industry? Take some time to write down what you hope to accomplish.

  4. Extra credit: Get Bold Brand 2.0
    If you’re the type who likes to read ahead, pick up a copy of the book on Kindle or paperback to get an even bigger jump on the competition.

Are you up for the challenge?

Let’s do this.

See you next month. And remember to share your questions, challenges, and successes in the comments below!

Josh Miles